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We reject your reality

The Sokkla Project
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This community is used for the collaborative Sokka/Azula project. =)
One day, a Sokkla fan woke up and craved some new fan works for her ship. She checked all of the communities dedicated to it, fanfiction.net and even deviantART for anything new. Nothing. All areas of her ship seemed to be pretty desolate.

But things hadn't always been like this. No. When the Sokklians had declared a Sokkla week, there was much celebration to be had. Fanfiction and fanart galore! But as quick as Sokkla week had appeared, it disappeared as well, leaving Sokkla fanworks at a stand still.

That Sokkla fan decided to go change that.

The wheels in her head started turning and she thought. And she thought. Until her cat jumped on her head and struck her with something along the lines of "brilliance".

"Why not bring all of the Sokklians together for a big project?" She thought, and thus,THE SOKKLA PROJECT was born!

THE SOKKLA PROJECT was created with the intention of keeping this lovely ship alive and to have oodles of fun in the process. It works in a modified round-robin manner and fanworks of any kind are allowed. Fanfiction, fanart, fancomics, anything you can think of. The Sokklians also hope that THE SOKKLA PROJECT will bring more awareness to the ship's existence and lure more fans out of hiding to join in!

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